Jenny Tucker

actor/singer/Broadway baby

actor/singer/vocal coach


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Jenny has won multiple theatre awards in the DFW area. She is a 5 time Column Award Winner most recently for Best Director in her directorial debut in She Loves Me and for Best Actress for her role as Mrs. Lovett with L.I.P. Service.


as mrs. lovett


“Jenny Tucker as Mrs. Lovett turned in the most impressive performance of the evening, appealingly and convincingly personifying the complexity of a role that blends a basic good-natured innocence, situational ethics, and cynical greed, with tragic results.” - Wayne Lee Gay, Theater Jones

“Jenny Tucker brings Mrs. Lovett to glorious life. There were microphone problems for Ms. Tucker the night I saw the show, but she sailed on through the part like a pro. Her Mrs. Lovett is the ultimate pragmatist. Ms. Tucker digs into the role and has loads of fun with it. Her singing brings out the humor and horror that is in the part. Jenny Tucker is so much fun to watch even when she is at her most ruthless.” - Chris Hauge, The Column


“Tucker’s charisma runneth over.  Reno is always the star of this show and Tucker shows why.  She has sharp timing and a killer smile.  Her “I Get a Kick Out of You” is the production’s highlight.”– Mark Lowry, TheaterJones

“Jenny Tucker gave a wonderful performance as Reno Sweeny. Tucker was warm and charming during the "friendship" phase of her performance but also sultry when it came to being a nightclub temptress. Her songs were fresh and well done.” – Eric A. Maskell, The Column



 “Jenny Tucker is a Mama Rose of stellar excitement. She takes you on a guided tour of the inner demons, from sensual flirt to earthy negotiator.  Her vocal delivery is strong, precise and masterful, from ballad to heart-pounding show stopper.  With that jaunty walk, judgmental look and matter-of-fact attitude, Ms. Tucker uses all of it to convince us that no matter what happens, her Mama Rose would be around for a long time…come hell or high water!” – Larry Ukolowicz, The Column

“Jenny Tucker’s “Rose” is closer in style to Bernadette Peters, whose “new” Rose was the biggest news of the 2003 Broadway revival.  Tucker has a sexy, tired twinkle in the eye—her voice is clear rich and warm on the small scale; at louder registers, she brings some emotional heft.” -Jan Farrington, TheaterJones

“…things perk up when Jenny Tucker as Mama Rose, takes the stage. Her take is a tad softer, but also richly textured. Her “stage monster” persona comes more from a sad place of desperation, which works out nicely with her finale number, Rose’s Turn, when disappointment, frustration and jealousy can’t be contained any longer.” – Mark Lowry, Ft. Worth Star Telegram

Best in DFW Theater 2014, Best Actress: Gypsy, Stolen Shakespeare Guild- Jenny Tucker– Larry Ukolowicz